Your DIX30™ Specialist Clinic

The clinic provides quick access to specialists with cutting-edge knowledge in 14 different areas who are affiliated with local hospitals. You will need a referral from a family doctor to see a specialist.

At DIX30™ Clinic, all our professionals work together to reduce wait times for the good of your health.

Specialists Clinic

Tel: 450-550-2334   F: 450-672-4578

AllergyDre Marie-Josée FrancoeurDr. Normand DubéDre Martine Lemire
CardiologyDr. Eric QuanDr. Dinh Huy Duong Dre Sophie Leonard
 Dre Marie-Chantal Audelin  
General surgeryDre Marie-Hélène Loriot  
DermatologyDre Chantal BolducDr. Jean-Philip Lacroix 
GynecologyDre Sophie Venne  
InfiltrationsDre Marie-Ève Roy  
Internal MedicineDr. Jean CussonDr Patrick Bisson  
NephrologyDr. Philippe Yale  
ENTDr. Nicolas CharbonneauDre Nadia HagenimanaDr Mikaïl Kassin-Dufresne
PulmonologyDre Louise PasseriniDre Priscilla Catellier 
RheumatologyDr. James AngleDre Rym HaouariDre Charlotte Leblanc-Trudeau
 Dre Catherine IsabelleDre Julie Beauchemin 
Urology Dr Élie Antébi  

Opening Hours


If you have a serious health problem and the clinic is closed, or if no doctor is available, please go straight to the hospital emergency near you or call 911.


For minor health problems, call 811 for the health information line, Info-Santé.

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