Your DIX30™ Family Medicine Clinic

DIX30™ Family Medicine Clinic gives you quick access to a family doctor by appointment. Pregnant women, parents of a newborn, young children or teenagers, adults and seniors can all receive care from a family doctor assisted by experienced medical staff.

Clinic takes a preventive and therapeutic approach to care, so we can address any physical, psychological or social health issues you or your family may be facing.

Family Medicine Clinic

Tel : 450-550-8858      F : 450-766-2080

  • Dre Rola Baram
  • Dr Joseph Abou Kheir
  • Dr Gilles Delisle
  • Dre Binh Minh Do
  • Dre Célyne Evans
  • Dre Jacqueline Klvana
  • Dre Caroline Joly
  • Dre Astrid Lacouture
  • Dre Claude Joyal
  • Dr Serge Boudreau
  • Dr Francois Michaud
  • Dre Christine Mikhail
  • Dr Charles Kalash
  • Dr Marwan Elfekhfakh

Opening hours

If you have a serious health problem and the clinic is closed, or if no doctor is available, please go straight to an emergency room. Call 911 for an emergency.


For minor health problems, call 811 for the health information line, Info-Santé.

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