Change to the operations of the family medecine


July 23, 2018


Effective Monday July 30th, 2018, we will adjust the operations of the Clinic. You will now be invited to communicate directly with your family Doctor’s secretary to schedule a regular/emergency consultation or for any other need. She will now be your entry point at the Clinic.

To further simplify access, the telephone system will be changed: by dialing (450) 550-8858 and following with great attention the instructions, you will be allowed direct access to the secretary. The following options, clearly stated in the voice message, are:

Option 2: Drs Delisle/Evans/Joly/Mikhail
Option 3: Drs Abou Kheir/Alipour/Baram/Couture/Elfekhfakh/Charles Kalash
Option 4: Drs Boudreau/Joseph Kalash/Michaud
Option 5: Drs Do/Joyal/Klvana/Lacouture

The clinic is open from Monday to Friday from 8AM to 12Noon and from 1PM till 5PM.
As patients are numerous at the opening, this should impact our capacity to answer the phone rapidly. We therefore suggest that you call after 11AM to get an appointment, unless you are requesting an emergency appointment.

The Walk-in clinic can be reached directly by dialing (450) 766-0881

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